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The world's forgotten children can change the world!

At 6 years old, Sidney was forced to work on the streets of Brazil to support his large family and alcoholic father. Soon after, Sidney fled from his abusive father, leaving his life in the slums and relocating to the third largest city in Brazil, Belo Horizonte.

There Sidney found an entirely new world - a world run by children and looked after by no one. This new world embraced Sidney, teaching him how to survive and incorporating him into the dysfunctional machine that is street life.

By the time Sidney was 11 years old, he had been in and out of juvenile institutions. He was a drug addict, thief and gang member. He had escaped gang warfare, corrupt police and murderous vigilante squads. He had learned every survival tactic the streets had to offer, but he quickly discovered that his lifestyle was costing him a very high price.

At 11 years old, Sidney discovered a once in a lifetime chance to leave the streets - forcing him to disarm and re-engage with his abusive father. Little did he know, the courage it took to make that pivotal decision was only the beginning.

Ten years later, at only 21 years old, Sidney Pereira de Souza e Silva has traveled the world, from the slums of Brazil to the suburbs of the USA. He has visited every continent except Antarctica and witnessed to thousands of street children from every walk of life. His story provides hope for countless children worldwide.

Put simply, he is on a mission to change the world.

Sidney's story is echoed in the lives of millions of street children across the globe. The problem of homelessness has become an epidemic of parentless children who run the streets and become hardened criminals before they reach puberty.

The tide, however, is changing. Sidney is among many young men and women who have managed to escape the harsh realities of street life and realize their God-given purpose in life. Lives that have been divinely established to change the world as we know it.

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